Monday, April 27, 2009

Looking for trouble?

I am taking Book Keeping class this year. Since I really want to do my best for this particular subject, I want to take an extra class after school to practice what I study. It will be from 6pm to 9:30p.m, every Tuesday and Friday. In order to take that special class, I need to register. In order to register, I need to agree to take an exam after the class finishes around June. The Official Business Skill Test in Book Keeping by The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 3rd level. Next week or so, MSAJ is going to have another Career Fair 2009 for Malaysian Student in Japan. I am in charge of the pamphlet. What am I thinking?? Next week too, I will have to make a speech in front of 400 Japanese high school student. Talking about Malaysia. What am I thinking?? I, volunteered to help Kouki-kun with his English Island cramp school. What am I thinking?? I should really take that back. Or, shouldnt I? I, me, I... ah, even I am sick of hearing that. x-x

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zol dabat said...

please let me know if u need help
watashimo dandan isogahiku natte kita.....