Friday, April 17, 2009

MSAJ 花見@歓迎会

Yoyogi Uehara Park was not bad after all since most of the Sakura left their home about a week ago. It was quite late to do hanami at this time of year. But, it was lucky for us to find a very nice spot under a white sakura tree somewhere not-so-far-away from the toilet. (eheh..) On that beautiful Sunday, Iman baked 2 cheese cakes. As usual, they tasted like heaven. Thanks to her, hanami was a bit more sweet-er. We bought about 85 bentous for any MSAJ that comes. But, it too obvious not that many MSAJ members would not come, for too many reasons. So, everyone that came got a free bentou. I think I brought back about 2 for my self. Hotto-Motto was OK. I like thier Ebi-don though. ..kelas dah mula dah..nanti sambung balik. kut.

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