Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Isit because of the language, that you have to use 'you' with your teachers and people that you should respect? Isit because of its not really a culture of yours to think about others' feeling? Isit okay to do what ever that you think is right? Yeah, the world evolves around you. Good, But I just think you're rude. Like I mention before, words can come out like poison. Where there's no cure but, a permanent scar. Think, before you say something. This is the reality where you can't erase-remove what ever that you've just said.


tun izyan dalila said...

...nani ga atta no?

Niealex said...

Budak negara matahari terbit, yg telah dibesarkan dengan khidupan dan budaya negara Mat Saleh..

keluaran yang kurang bermutu.

tun izyan dalila said...

aaaa,,,,,sokka... haha