Sunday, April 19, 2009


ミクシィを作りましたよ~! I am officially a Mixi user now. Which means I can add my japanese friends from school, and vice versa. But unfortunately, I am too....恥ずかしい to do so. *Mixi is a very popular site like Facebook and Friendster, used by most japanese kids even adults nowadays. I am just too obvious around the school, whereby when, (if) I added someone that doesnt know me, they'll find me VERY easily. And that.... IS embarassing. Currently, I only have one friend (the guy that sent the Mixi invitation to me), and joined Aoyama University student group. I've been trying to find my school friends, but its too impossible. Too many people with the exact same name, wierd crappy names and so on. Unlike Facebook, they don't use real name which really makes me sangat ムカツク. -Susah orang nak carik tau! Tolonglah, kalau guna facebook tu pakai nama sebenar. Kalau tak mau, sila get out and use friendster or myspace instead. Its really annoying. *-*" Journey to the Mixi world has began, and it would not be easy. Reading their comments are scary enough to make me feel dizzy all day long. Like English and Malay, yes, they use short forms, a lot of unknown marks, expressions, and so on. Again, too many kanji, would make my head go round and round. If you have a Mixi, よろしくね。アッドしてね。 I will try my best to get to know more, and blend in with others even though I will always be different. jya na.


Anonymous said...

uu. cool gila nama, mixi. haha. macam best. website in japanese ke?

sng cari u sebab ure a malay girl?

Niealex said...

its fully in japanese, and a current user have to invite you in baru boleh daftar.

im the ONLY malaysian, malay, muslim girl in the school. Terlalu obvious.