Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guily Pleasure

SOME people who knows me VERY well will know what am I all about. Things that makes me go crazy and yes, cuckoo. Its not that obvious. Bcoz, I'm the kind of person that goes crazy in the inside, fighting with desires and tons and tons of guilt. What if, what if, and more ifs.. Last night, was a nightmare. Why there's SOO MANY pretty bags in store this time of the year?? (well,my idea of pretty..>_<"most of the time, its the wierd, unusual looking one. I still have the big green frog purse -from Zoon, that I've been using it for at least 5 years now. It cost me only RM19.90 though.. haha.. crazy!) I think I have 2 full big box of bags now. 'Kechi' (kedekut) sangat kut, most of the time, beli bag murah yang last2 mcm hampeh. Terburai sini, terburai sana.. tak sesuai for this, too small for that.. Its annoying. Amazingly, something caught my eyes..
Ahhhhh lawanyaa...!!! m"O-O"m
Its selling in the US for $298, at Msian online Shopping for RM 1190, and if in Japan, lagila mahal, about ¥61,950(Rm2,000+)... Gila tak kalau beli? But its pretty.. sedap mata memandang~ oohhh.. I need guidance for more patience.. ( as if la kan! but its not possible if I REALLY go cuckoo this time..) >_<"


Misz Mizah said...

Woohoo..sgt lawa. But fizah always buy coach bag kt US sbb during summer or near Christmas ade cam clearance sale and the 2,3 seasons ago nye bags can get for cheap. She bought me a purse for less than 90 bux which the original price is like USD200. You can always ask her to check out some stuff for u. Ni christmas lg one month shud hv some pretty cool stuff there. can get like 70% off barang ok. sgt gembira. She bought this sling bag for 170 usd, harga asl x yah ckp la. Still pricey but for a brand new coach mcm ok la. huhu. if interested drop her an email je. :P

Niealex said...

I thought of doing so too..
But, entah lah.. I tak pernah beli a bag that cost more than 100bux. So, u know..
I would love to (at least) ask her though..

Najwa Diyana said...

beli je..
parents sy un slalu beli coach kt sane.. aha