Friday, November 28, 2008

Bloody Blood.

”まだ低い” - still low.
I had to stay in the blood donation bus.
Already 30mins late for my 5th period class.
Damn, its too cold outside. Again, I fainted.

hahaha.... dramatic betul. Its been exactly a year since I donate my blood, and I got my self this blood donor card. Its to keep track the details of my donation.

The blood bus came (they come once a month to my university). I'm O型 positive. It was 超ピンチthat day, meaning, they really need O blood as much as possible. and... I decided to be a hero~
Im out of cash.
'This' is something that I am full of. I was in the mood of doing good deeds. =) Malaysians should do it often too.
Its good for your health, like Akane said,
" I'm 0.4kg lighter!".

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