Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Its 1st Syawal!! Yeah, I'm a bit tired, but still, its raya! We went to Masjid Otsuka this morning, (except for the fact that we were 2hours late!) missed the solat raya of course. But, I was happy when I saw some familiar face at the mosque. We brought Akane along with us to celebrate this year's Syawal. She wore my baju kurung pahang, which was my last year's baju raya(hey, she looked good doesnt she?), we ate A LOT of Pakistani food ,and some rendang made by Kak Linda.
Not knowing where to go, we ended up lepaking at the mosque till after Zohor, and went to CrispyKreme, all the way in Shibuya. I wasnt feeling so good as I still could not made up my mind; to go, or not to go, for the next class. Even if I do, it will take me about 2 hours to get there, (plus the journey back to shibuya about 1 hour plus) and miss the open house at En.Jasri's house. My first day of raya cant just end at the CrispyKreme.No-no!
Jalan2 di Shibuya with Kak Niza.She's leaving soon...
While waiting for Naza to come and join us in Shibuya, we asked around if anyone knows how to get to En.Jasri's place. In the mail we got from the embassy was written En.Jasri's address. I did not took 'em down, neither did Husna. Since we've forward the same email to Naza, we supposed that he knows the address. Yes, he did mail us the address. The address of his house!! I still remember, "31 5 6 naka meguro". ??Dou iu koto?? As far as I know, we have to get on a bus to that place. So, does it mean that we have to get on bus no. 31, change at no.5 stop, and get down at no.6???
So clever la Naza kan?
As soon as we got En.Jasri's phone number, we called him for the RIGHT instruction, while Naza walked all the way from Naka-Meguro's station. (Sungguh bijak la anda~) So, that was the drama... and yes, I was happy.
When Naza said, "DARE?"
Food, food and more food. Laugh, pictures, and more pictures. Naza, unfortunately went crazy with my camera, and I think he took more than 100 pictures. We went back at about 6pm, as someone have to rush for baito, go back to sleep for tomorrow's first period class, and last but not least, someone who still have to finish her presentation for the next morn.
(click on the picture above for more other pictures from the album!)
My raya partners for the year~ Otsukararesamades!
..and Selamat Hari Raya.


Simon Malik said...

kan dh kater dah u gerenti dpt beraya secara berteman.. XD
selamat hari raya~~

Anonymous said...

heys how r u ?? hope ur doing alright =) anyways... is tht the girl yg u kata masuk islam ??? hehe kawaii !!! do take care pokok hehehe see you real soon !!

Niealex said...

no lah! thats not the one. that's my friend from school. insyaAllah la kalau Allah bukak hati dia.. =)

*I know siapa ni! U sorang je panggil I pokok. lols!