Thursday, October 02, 2008

2nd Syawal on 2nd October.

Its once in a lifetime thing to happen.
Sorry, I'm not there to celebrate it with you.
I still remember, 4 years ago when you came to this world.
It was 2nd day of raya, back in Batu Pahat.
They call you budak kampung, as you are the only one in the family not born in KL.
Now you've grown beautifully.
I envy you.
You're never out of words, when you speak.
Full of confident, you stand up for yourself.
Not afraid to be different, you are who you are.
and that is what I like most about you.
Happy Birthday to you my little sister.
Happy Birthday.
Our birthday on the same day, today.
just on a different calendar.

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