Thursday, October 23, 2008


(taken from my.Xanga) Sorry if my last post was about toilets , but I really feel like writing something about someone I knew. She passed away yesterday. I followed her blog, every now and then (Im not a regular blog-hopper). She's a fighter for sure. A photographer that takes picture beautifully, and loves the sports cycling arena. I didnt know much about her back then in school, compared to now. I basically knew nothing about her. Except for her name, and which class she belonged to. I knew about her cancer on her blog. Hamizah told me. Surpised. Very surprised. No words could describe my feelings. It was already at 3rd stage. And few hours ago, people keep on changing thier facebook status saying "Al-Fatihah to Wan Maisara Amirah". I don't know why. But I was too blur to catch it. It took me a while to really understand what actually happened. I began searching for her blog. her flickr and everything else. She's gone. But she left her memories behind. Her work of art. Her works. I just hope that there's more to that somewhere. Only God knows. The Almighty knows better. Who are we to judge? Who are we to critisize? She's young. You are too. I am too. "Kematian itu tak bisa memilih". It reminds me of the prophet's saying." There's going to be a time where humans are going to have a disease. It is Wahan." "To love the world, and be afraid to die." People come and go. We too, will leave one day. Its just a matter of time. Are we ready to pack-and-go? "Sebaik2 bekalan adalah taqwa". Al-Fatihah to Wan Maisara Amirah (on the left).Insya'Allah we'll be seeing you in the other world.

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