Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Isnt it Obvious?

As you can see, I lost ALL of my blog widgets.:shakefist: I was just trying to give this blog a new face. Something fresh. :cheek: and this is what I got. A total disaster!:cry: I've been having the same widget since I first start this blog, back in 2002. [My dad did it for me at first :tongue:] (for the year 2004, i used other places such as multiply and photopages. *except for the year 2005, where I was too busy with my SPM examination, and I totally forgot that I own a blog :sweat:) and because of that, I feel like I need some nice pretty flowers to 'enhance' the happiness of this place that I've been viewing everyday:rolleyes: for the past 2 years. Omg, this is pure sadness. :shake: I cant believe that everything is gone. Even the opening of my blog has disappeared! (Its a miracle that my writings are still here :yay:) I can only wish that, by tomorrow I can manage to fix this. Back to normal.. =)

1 comment:

Princess Pumpkin@Labu said...

babe!! how did u do the small tiny2 smily cute face there?? teach me pleaseee!!!=D