Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little bit more

:boogie: Yay! New emoticons from Aneesah! She's just wonderful! She made these very-cute emoticons, that I shall be using from now on in my blog.. :yay: Arigatou ne! :heart:


Aneesah said...

Do itashi mashite! ^_^

(I just Googled that. I have no knowledge on the Japanese language whatsoever. :P)

maddieness said...

you can opt to get it engraved for free if you oder from the apple online store.

thanks for the visit :)

sahalfikri said...

wow aneesah.. brilliant. nice.. tgk website dia pun dah gempak. your close fren ke?

Niealex said...

found her on friendster. she's studying in intec, a plc where i used to study at for abt 3months b4 coming to japan.

Aneesah said...

^^; *blushes*

Thanks sahalfikri. Tak gempak mana pun, I haven't been webdesigning in ages. =(((