Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pelajaran Untuk Hari Ini.

I was given this Al-Quran quiz for today's usrah. :cute: (Why dont you give it a try?..:smile:..answer as many as possible with your OWN knowledge that you have)
  1. How many surah are there in the Al-Quran?
  2. How many juzuk are there in the Al-Quran?
  3. What is the only surah that doesnt starts with a Basmalah?
  4. Which surah tells a story about a group of young men in a cave?
  5. Which surah tells a story about Prophet Sulaiman and the ants?
  6. Which surah mentioned about the benefits of honey?
  7. The surah that came as the first revelation to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w?
  8. The surah that came as the second revelation?
  9. Which surah tells a story about the Khandak War (Battle of the Trench)?
  10. What are/is the surah(s) that has a very deep impact on you?
Done? :clap: How confident are you? Very-very? or just, so-so? How many did you manage to answer? To be honest, I was quite shocked and a little bit dissapointed when I saw the questions. :sweat: Why? because I was never given anything like this before, and I just knew that I can only answer some VERY few of them. :cry: Sad, yes I was. For being such an ignorant to something that I SHOULD KNOW! How could I? I can memorize a song in a minute, to know what that song is ALL about, and not this? :hmm: But, this is the reason why I go for usrah. To learn, to be humble, to share, to get closer to the Almighty, and to strengthen the unity of the ukhwah. :cute: Now, lets come back to the quiz, shall we? These are the answers.
  1. 114 surah.
  2. 30 juzuk.
  3. Surah At-Taubah (doesnt starts with a basmalah)
  4. Surah Al-Kahfi (the young men were put to sleep by Allah for 309 years)
  5. Surah An-Namlu (27;18-19)- the story of prophet Sulaiman(solomon) and the ants
  6. Surah An-Nahlu (16;68-69)- how the honey is made by Allah so it can cure humans illness.
  7. Surah Al-Alaq (the first revelation-wahyu)
  8. Surah Al-Muddassir (the 2nd revelation -wahyu)
  9. Surah Al- Ahzab ( Salman Al-Farisi's idea to build a trench to keep away the enemy)
  10. -------you have the answer--------and explain to yourself, why. :wink:
So, how much did u score? Satisfied? I didn't do any well either.. :lol: But, I learned a lot. From not knowing at all, to having something to share with you tonight. Sorry for not posting for quite sometime, as Im not 'centered' enough to put things into words. :mad: I guess today's usrah re-charged me to another level of live. Alhamdulillah. :yay:

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