Saturday, September 08, 2007


Lemme start with this. I had my interview practice just now. Which took me about 2 hours or so. One of the question that the teacher asked me was, "What do you usually writes about in your blog?" It made me wonder. If I had boyfriend, I would most probably be talking about how much i love spending time with him. How great and lovable he is. How I keeps on thinking about him 24/7 as what the normal "in-love" girl would do. But no. I dont have a boyfriend. Nor do I even want one. Or, If im a thinker or you know, a professional blogger. I would probably be writing about the government, the international economics status, or the latest world news. Which is very interesting, dont you think so? Well, since Im a normal girl, living in the heart of Tokyo, living my head off (alone n busy), I feel like writing about my thoughts on things that I saw. read. heard. and my feelings. I would really want to call this piece of writing as a preview to my blog for years to come. Let me start with this. Last night, there was a GREAT BIG TYPHOON (no.9) that hits Japan. To me, it was something amazing. and exciting. I went to the roof of my dormitory to face the strong wind. I cant see it. But I feel it. as if that im going to fly. It was such a strong force that had the trees to faced the earth. The violent sound did scared me. The prove of Allah's power, to show us humans that we can't really control everything thats coming. The knew the exact time when the typhoon is going to come. 9a.m in Tokyo, moving to north to ___ at 10p.m for example. They knew everything about it. But, as human. they cant stop it. Neither do us. The moral of the story? Its perfectly obvious. I just love the typhoon. (Hahaha) No lah, from what I i can say, its one of Allah's sign of his ever-great powers. Some places were badly hit by it, that caused big disasters. A test. Just a small one. Same goes with the flood crisis in North of Korea. No big deal i supposed. Its my point of view. As humans, we will be tested from time to time. As a reminder that we do not own the world, and this is not permanent. But, if your life is problem-free, you 'enjoy' 24/7, something is wrong then. For closings, I would just like to say that, i'll be having my club meeting tomorrow. Its 4:30 in the morning, and I am so dead meat if I didnt wake up by 8. Jya ne. Mata Sayonara. Assalamualaikum.

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