Sunday, September 09, 2007

Heroes Marathon

Im on the Heroes' last episode of its 1st season. I spent 2days long to finish this 23 episodes of tc shows. Urgh! When's the 2nd season coming??
I heard that the cast are doing a world tour right now. then, whens the 2nd season coming??!!
x_x 早く!!

Anyway, (not much of a spoiler..) but in the end, I couldnt really figure out who is the MAIN hero in this story. I gues that is why they called it heroES. Hiro Nakamura did killed Sylar with a samurai sword, but he got knocked off, then teleported himself back to the 17th centuries in Japan. Still, Hiro isnt the only hero as Peter's brother, Nathan, came to rescues him (Peter) by carying him up to the sky to be blasted off there. -_-"

And Claire was there too. I guess she did played a big part. Imagine if Sylar got her in the first place. Sylar would be perfectly immortal, which would unable Hiro Nakamura to save the world. (that would include Peter too as well.) I think that Sylar was some SERIOUS crazy maniac on the loose. How could you just cut someone's brain out using your fingers, just to get their brain (to get the super powers)?
Disgusting i supposed. But, really I would love to have Claire's power as she can mend herself in any situation, even after being dead. Cool.
Yah, Jessica/Niki did helped. She was great. I love her character very much! I was a hard one, dont you think? She had to act that as 2 different character at the same time.

Whoever that invented this story, was some man! With running imaginations, full of live, and hope. The amazing characters. The so ever telented actors. The special effects.. etc.
Everybody wants to be a superhero isnt it? This one series, did captured it.
I had fun.

Jya. Mata ne.

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