Sunday, September 09, 2007

Kouhai. Juniors

I got this picture from my sensei in INTEC 2 weeks ago. They're going to be my junior here, starting next month i supposed. I had no idea who's who. No name were given to us. The part that i hate the most was all off them will be doing engineering, and they are ALL BOYS! I was hoping for a new shopping partner or something. A new girl that can join the usrah group. Someone NEW! Its fate that I have to face.
5 boys. Well, 4 of them will be living in ABK, but 1 very unlucky boy will have to move in to Yamabuki ( my dormitory). I hate living so far away from school. Train(40mins), or bicycle(20mins)? I have to think about that every single morning. Im been using the bicycle as it is faster than the train. But doing the "mountain biking", will get me into some trouble one day.
I wonder who will that unlucky boy be. Hahaha.

Jya mata. Sayonara.

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