Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some Memoirs.

We had our Bon Odori 2 weeks ago. I had tons of fun. Thanks godness the other boys were'nt there. Super glad! That picture with Yamada-san, (our Japanese friend volunteer) was one great picture. We owe a lot to her. Arigatou!
Talking bout memoirs, i feel like posting up some pictures of my other nice memories with my friends. =)
This one was taken back when I was in Malaysia for the spring holiday. At Alia's vacation house in Port Dickson, we had tons of fun! With the pool, watching daffi on Af5, driving for ice cream and satay at night, the super dirty wheels ride (whatever they may call it). Gossiping.... =D

My ever so-lovable friends from Intec. Most of them are now studying in South Korea, doing engineering. They're this super happy go lucky people that would just make your day. I miss my McD! I think she cool. =D Not forgetting my roomates, Syifa, Izzati, and Tikah. I never thought that they would get along with me VERY WELL in such a VERY SHORT time! 2 of them are flying to Australia by next year i think. Good luck to them! and to Syifa' too! as she's doing medicine bound for... Ireland if im not mistaken. Thanks for all your support! You guys are well missed.

With my mom, my aunties, uncle and cousins. You guys are the best family that i can ever ask for! I was showered with supports, love, laughs, smiles. Thank you for everything! =))

and Hey! last but not least, my friends that went to KLIA to send me off. Even though they had classes on the same morning, they managed to come. Few of my bestfriends - Sza, Alia, Due, Darem, Daffi, Oazair, and Hafiz. Seriously, I was flattered. I miss you guys so much, and thanks for everything. To alia, thanks for the red scarf. Its very2 pretty! Sza, you know i love purple so much. everything u gave to me was purple. -_-" still, ARIGATOU!!

I guess thats the end of this episode of my memory lane. hehe. There is always someone to thank to all the time. We need each other to live. As we fight along the way, there's the fun and the journey of it. something to gain and to learn. People to meet and to love.

Jya mata ne. Sayonara. Assalamualaikum. =)

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mardhiah said...

aww, miss u too babe! when will u visit us in seoul? duit byk, datang je la duh.

dafi? uii. he's cute.