Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tokyo Disneyland

Monday, not weekends. Probably, Less crowded.
Well, NO!
People start lining up at 7a.m.
Gila ramai orang... after the gate opens at 8*30 or so.. about 9a.m baru dapat masuk.
It was cloudy, windy...followed with stormd rains + typhoon, and then.. hot sun burning... (very2 weird weather)
More pictures will be uploaded in Multiply album, or =)
I went with Yamadaさん, and her nephew Haruka. Husna, Asyraf and May.
楽しかったわよ!Thanks a lot to Haruka (for getting the FastPass), we didnt have to line up long lines!
*Lack of cash, I couldnt really get any sourveniers. Sorry guys. >_<'

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