Monday, July 16, 2007

En. Zamani's Farewell

Held in En. Rozaimi's place, the farewell party was.. well, OK.
(Dushk. I dont know how to describe it lah!)
Yah, it was a lil bit sad that his family is leaving, but we had a great gathering. Tha last one with Kak Zai n thier daughter Iqa too.
Almost all of the senior was there, and 10 of us. Thanks a lot to Kak Yati n En. Rozaimi for the great food. I do miss eating Malaysian food, ( or shall i say, eating in a very large amount..)
Oh yah, En. Zamani is going back to Malaysia to take up the position of C.E.O Mitco Japan in Kuala Lumpur. ( Congratulation!!... but we do gonna miss the family..) ---------------------------------------------------------------------
GOsh, i thought im gonna collapse after i got home. But its 4a.m in the morning, listening to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Shhot! Subuh..
I should really stop this. Harry Potter is gonna drive me crazy. I slept at 6a.m the night before reading the book. (As i forgot to upload new chapters in my iPod)
Going to have my Speech Exam in a day n not preparing anything, i am putting my self in a very 'yabai' situation. Exams... exams.. n more of them coming, I stopped, Studying.
I hate pressures.

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