Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Copy

I was the first to arrived. I hate the fact that I can no longer argue with others on my rights. There's this Philipine-Jap guy who said he saw us coming, thus it makes him the first to arrive. Which is so not fair. ( NOW I HATE JAPAN..) Having on 3 ppl to line up till 6 in the morning made no sense. I was there from 1 a.m in the morning. (Which is soooo not 'HAPPENING')! The foreigners started coming at about 7a.m. The official opening; 8:01 am. The Hogwarts party in Malaysia sounds better. (Even though I heard them having some 'bad' price war going on. Tesco n Carrefour is selling the book for RM69.60. Soooo (again..) NOT FAIR!) At least my friends got some special gift. Sza got her self a Harry Potter special mug. I WAS THE 2ND ONE IN LINE! But I got nothing. I hate this. In Kinokuniya Malaysia, they gave out special edition of the book to the first FOUR!! and FREE COPY to the next 5!! Okay, I should just shut up now. Im stopping. Oh, I havnt start reading the book yet. Im afraid I just cant stop. Im on a bouncy study weeks now. ( So stop asking me about the book or TELLing me what had happened..!!)

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