Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 Hours Marathon.

We were told by Kokubu sensei,
that we should study more than 10 hours per day, as today will be the first day of the 3 weeks summer holiday. Well, I found it a little bit impossible.

Morning ; 10 till 12

Evening; 1 till 4

Night; 7 till 12........... 10 hours!


Last night, I ended up doing HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON instead of doing my mountain high homeworks.

Starting from the 2nd movie, Chamber of Secret, to the 3rd movie, Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by the 1st movie, Sorcerer's Stone, and lastly at 2a.m in the morn, 4th movie, Goblet of Fire.

Those cost me MORE than 10 hours, obviously. I guess, studying for more than 10 hours too, was never impossible.

I WILL learn to love my study as much as i love Harry Potter.

All the best to me!


mardhiah said...

oi gila la~!! i never thought u love potter THAT much!

iman said...

i have to agree..niea gilaa!