Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Uuuuu..... "Im so gonna get that!" つい買ってしまう, kata orang jepun. As the whole planet earth citizen knows about Harry Potter, im not gonna explain. (*^.^*) I spent..mmm, a lot. It is, the season.. You can find everything with HP on! What I had(already)bought; 1. 2007-2008 Calendar 2. The New DVD Set 3. Magazines (That have anything about HP in it) 4. The Movie Tickets. (4 times more expensive than in Malaysia!) 5. Set No.1 Harry Potter's Chess Collection 6. Harry Potter Schedule Book 7. Poster Set THE BOOK IS COMING!! The 7th instalment of the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. Well, Ive decided to go and line up for the book from night before the special hour. Kinokuniya One Hour Special. It seems that none of the bookstores around here are having any events. (Lil exception to Kinokuyina..) 拍手! I wanna go back to Malaysia... KLCC's Kinokuniya looks more into 'the mood'.. I heard that they'll be having Hogwarts' entrance this time. COOL! The new book is gonna cost me about 3,100円. The normal price of the book in Japan, hm.. 3,990円. But, if I add up the transportation cost of going to Kinokuniya, then... forget it la. Better buy it over the internet and have it send right infront of my doorstep with the same 3,100yen. (They're having 22% off discount!) But, I want to go line up for the FUN of it! The excitement! of waiting! in eagerness.. wohoo..! \\(^0^)//

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