Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exams and Result

Today, the worst exam EVER!

I can only wonder what my marks would be.
読解、Reading, 漢字、Kanji、文法、Grammar.

EJU n TOEFL results came out today.

EJU - Japanese University Entrance Exam.
And again, tanpa segan silunya, saya ingin meletakkan markah saya.. =)

日本語Japaneseー 221 over 400
数学 Mathsー 102 over 200
総合科目 General- 124 over 200
So,its 447over 800

TOEFL -The iBT format

Reading - 24
Speaking- 26
Writing- 27
Listening- 27
So, its 104 over 120

(i dont think I'll be doing any review on it this time. =)

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