Saturday, December 02, 2006

More To Reality.

Shopping technology. Thats everything that i own now. Hp printer, IBM Laptop, my Logitech Webcam, My headphone, Some internet security crap, ( sebelum mereka dirasmikan). I should be thankful. and I am. very am. My Laptop & Webcam. Pada masa ini laptop saya dodol. Dia buat perangai pada hari ke-2 sy menggunakannya. All the kanji popped out! And it died at then. Pelik kan? Jangan tanya kenapa saya beli IBM. Saya kan pandai.. xnak dgr cakap org..
My phone n iPod.
I got 'em together. With this plan from SoftBank.
But i have to hold the phone for the next 2 years. But i got the 2G iPod for a cheaper price. It was a good deal. Till i have to pay the bills every month, then i'll know how good the deal was..
My Room.
Its super messy. Just deal with it. I can be a good housekeeper if i want to. =P
I live in this plc alone. Husna 's next door. But now I have some other gadgets to not make me feel lonely. n Im happy here btter than anyplc.
*Expt. thier garden n hill tops. Those are the best plc to hang out or just chill. But alone la.. Hehee..

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