Monday, December 04, 2006

As If Im gonna be happier.

as im typing, and keep on typing.. im crashing my heart to ashes. this hurts a lot. as i need a shoulder badly to cry on. as im starting to brake down. I pretend too much to be happy. im trying too hard. but it ended up eating myhead off. im turning 2b someone im not. someone i never wish i would ever want to be. if only the world evolves around me. if only he treates me just a lil bit nicely. i wont have anything to say, or to blame. i know, people hate to care bout other's problem. dont try to be nice if ur not. if u dont want to know my storyline, n help me cope with it, then, thanks. i dont need that kind of attention. let me write. dont bother me. as he say, if only it cud make me happier. while im separating myself from my environment, trying to fit in, trying to change, these are my obsticles. my test to hold on. to keep on breathing for my life. i need a change. something less bitter than this. the right time to just follow the flow. its not about "just-some-other-guy" problem. i dont know if i was wrong. i dont know if he's right. i dont know if others are the same too. im just a lil bit broken.. n caught in a moment. a moment for me to open up a bad little bruise on my skin.

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