Saturday, December 02, 2006

2 Months.

Days went soo fast. I couldn't feel the moving time. Im starting back this blog of mine after stoppin for a while. Its hard though, to just sit and write. I ave the words right here in my head. But when it comes to online-ing and writin blogs, I stumbled.
2day, the 3rd time we change place in class. I never expected anything. But it seems that sometimes the choices lies in my hand. To change or not. Im starting to get annoyed. The uneaseness is killin me. Im not happy with my seating. It is I who have to get use to my environment. How to be happy with whatever ur given? To make full use of it?
As days are getting shorter. My life is gettin wasted. Isyak is at 5 sumthing p.m now. by that time, I felt like, "Oh, I prayed isyak already.. now its time for bed". Its good is someway, but I ended up goin 2bed at 2-3a.m in the mornin online-ing and doin my homework. The next morning, im gonna struggle very hard in class just to stay up. 3p.m, i reached home, back to the laptop again. The same routine goes on for the past week! Something is somehow wrong here.
Its gettin colder day by day.. my room is super freakin cold cuz my heater broke down. They're changing a new one next week. By that time, i dont know what cud happen to me. Hmm.. I cant blame the weather. Damn me.
Bunga yg sgt chomel tapi sangat mahal.. bout 24 bux. 788YEN. there's one with cherries n cute little apples. =)
Picture with JPA's senior. This mountain ada keluar asap panas dsbbkan gunung berapi.. Pastu diorang buat telur hitam kat sini.. Rasa sama je mcm telur biasa, cuma hitam. mesti diorang x pnah tgk telur masin.. =P
This picture on top was taken from the bukit berasap which ive forgotten what its name was. Mount Fuji can be seen from up here. Its like a snow white small mount floatin in the air. It was so beautiful. Hontou.
*All pictures are courtesy from my new pink samsung phone. =)

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Anonymous said...

heys niea how are you ?? sorry havent been contacting you..been busy settling some stuff.. sigh anyways take care yah..i'm sorry bout everything n i hope you forgive me..