Saturday, December 09, 2006

Get it goin.

5:20a.m Its tha saturday. Lets get tha weekends goin. Later 2day i'll b havin my Toastmaster thingy. 2moro ada usrah. But I dont think I wanna do just 'it'. Go to the park or sumthing.. I spent most of my time sleepin in my room. Mau kemana sih? Nish went back 2Msia already. She got one month of Christmas break. Mine, 2weeks je. Baikla.. saya mau solat subuh. kang x bangun for toastmaster, sy akan dibunuh oleh org gila itu. Alien kan? kalau saya dperlukan je baru nk ckp dgn sy. kalu x, pandang mukaku pun dia xkan. Apa mau jadi la sama org mcm itu..


afiq said...

you joined toastmaster

Anonymous said...

nadiaaaahh... dont worry . ure not gonna change into someone or something you're not. the sleeping \do homework\eat\sleep\school cycle is kind of a stage everone goes through. the trick to gettin out of it is to get a hobby. no one can make you feel bad unless you let them .

ps. ur ryou takder air panas? aa

Faaiq said...

hi. really cool blog. been browsing and don't know how i landed up here... oh yes was looking up how muslim people live in japan or china and etc... anyway... hi from a muslim south-african/malaysian/javanese/german. i speak english and afrikaans only but got some background/influence from these other countries - don't know about german though... could be me not getting as cold as most people when it is a little cold?
ok enoug from me now... gonna keep reading more of your posts... enjoying them so far, just don't understand the malay u speak.
take care

Anonymous said...

なぜ とつぜん 英語からマレ語になってしまったの?ニアさん どうして部屋にいるの? いい天気の日は出かけるといい気持ちになれるよ! いつか私といっしょに散歩しよう!^^  -ユ