Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Monday. a big smile on the way to school. my iPod played great music that mornin. one small thing changed my life. im no 半分 anymore. last saturday night, i feel appreaciated. i feel loved. to know that i have someone is besides me always. not including The One who never left me alone before, or i'll say, ever! I can't hide the happiness on my face. Sensei saw it, and Tan was like, "何かいい事があったんですか?”。Cis! Hancur moodku.. First time in someweeks that i didnt felt sleepy at all troughout the lessson. Tuesday. Had the 復習 Testo today. not tiesto (i miss trance music so much though..) test-o. It went better than before. not well, but better. I went kaimono-ing afterwards. Again, things that would really make my day. Window shopping, trying on clothes that i feel like buying, but im gonna have to think few more times about it. Imagine, simple top. 60bux. Its quite cheap actually to be compared with Zara or Forever21. rite? But im saving for a 電子辞書、冷蔵庫、apa lagi la.. macam2 la.. but my main mokuteki is to eat well n get nice clothes to wear. done.

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