Monday, September 17, 2012

[tech] Mobile Blogging


   Only recently that I've discovered this app by BLOGGER. There was a limited number of blog application for iPhone back then, and most are 有料(not free).

    I was using the free version of BlogWriter and umph, it was really disappointing. I couldn't upload pictures and I can't write drafts when there's no Internet connection. Even so, the drafts are being saved in the apps, not online. So, when you switch blog accounts, all the posts that you've made before hand goes... sayonara with all the memories.

   I didn't have that much internet connection when I was traveling in The States. I think I had tones of good posts made around last year but, I even lost my notes that I saved in iPhone; I really had no idea what happened.← GREAT FRUSTRATION II after I lost 2000 photos of my Mediterranean trip.  .  .  .because my Malaysian iPhone is a jailbreak ver. unlike my Japan iPhone which I can just upgrade like no ones business. -__-"

   What's easy about mobile blogging is that, we often take memorable/candid pictures using our phones since it's most probably the only item we have (most of the time) in our hand, instead of a camera. What's even more amazing is that, there's such applications like "instagram" where you can edit those photos, and upload them there and then, OR even better, the one I'm using, "LINE CAMERA" where you can do so many amazing stuff to your boring picture. Like this↓

(it was my little sister who made this)



 (I made the fly look pretty ;)
   What's so different about this app is that it doesn't only edit the photo with amazing effects, and frames, you can also put super-cute-and-awesome stamps or just put your own words to it!


   Talking about words on your photo, if you want to have watermark on your photo, you can use "A+ Signature" for that, or just short wordings by using "Labelbox"; like the above photo (where you can choose from different types of ribbons, and paid version has more ribbons!).

  Almost all the photos I take nowadays came from my phone. So, I'd love to edit them photos before I post them in my blog (which I can start doing from now on).

    I made this post just by using the BLOGGER application and woallah! I can upload 5 pictures at once (for this post; I'm not sure about the limit). I don't have to transfer them into my Mac (which is one of the main reasons of my blogging procrastination since I really hate using the MacBook. it's slow+complicated. It's really not Nadiah-friendly)

   Even though you have 10 million blogs that you have to handle, you can still use the 'switch blog' option without your draft being deleted since they're being sent to your own account, online!

   If you're blogging on tumblr, it's even better because all you do is to click 'REBLOG' or 'LIKE' isn't it? ^^; If you do not plan to post anything of your own, you can just use "Tumblr Gear" app. (because I rarely post things of my own. TUMBLR simply have mind-blowing awesome posts, quotes, photos... everything! It's like a TUMBLR family on it's own inside there) I wish I can just drag them amazing posts from tumblr to my blog here so I can share them with you. (but they're really strict with copyrights)

   I'd love to share the apps that I'm using on my phone. Especially when all of my apps are FREE! haha. My iTunes account is the Japan ver. and I only have ¥1000 left, so I rather not spend them unwisely (like, not even a yen. Haha)

    Since we're in the discussion of easy-to-use blogging applications, why don't you share some of the apps that you're using on your phone? (MAJALAH JOM had a section of suitable apps, but they're for Androids..) I think it should be fine nowadays since apps ike LINE (including LINE Brush/Camera), whatsapp, instagram.. are available for both isn't it?

Android, is pretty much tempting (itching hands must not spend money on android ;_; ) and I really want to explore their oh-so-cool apps and amaaaazing new stuff they can do like the Samsung SIII, and NOTE 10.1... but I rather not take that risk. (Just because my father is never a fan of Samsung, or isit just Android because he's not a fan of Motorola nor Norkiah) LOL. I'm sorry if most of you uses Android ^^"

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