Monday, September 17, 2012

"Mashed-up Potato"


   After my short trip to PD with my little sisters (which was a badly-needed trip for me even though I had to drive; like a drunken driver at 9pm the previous night), I came back home packing for my first daurah ever since I graduated. =O that's like.... in 5 months?! Maybe longer than that!

   I can't believe I was really excited and I fell like leaving as soon as noon even though it started at 10pm! I wanted to get away in my own 'kepompong tarbiyyah' even though I can say that out of the 30 people there, I only know one of them. Friends were curious, family even more curious that I said I needed to go into the jungle to find some peace. Ala.. FRIM je. They were worried that I might be mixing with weird people. I wanted to be weird, I guess it's Okay.

    Yes, I was messed up. I was a lazy messed up potato that got mashed somewhere in the middle.

   I can't be thankful enough for a supporting comment by one of my lovely reader, Miss Fan. I don't think I know you in real life (if I terlupa, please please do remind me!). It's really true that I need to have things laid out in the open so I know where I'm going. One goal at a time. ( & stop blaming, and complaining. x-x)

   Someone tweeted this, and it gave me a real-hard kick in the face. The rules are simple; but doing it might be the hardest thing ever. I can't even cross out any of those 3 rules to prove to myself that they're actually SIMPLE.  I was crushed to the very bone that I had (of being a potato), and building it back would need a LOT of booster power from the Almighty. I just need to ask for it once again.

Your task; cross these out one by one if you think you've done them. NOW. 
If not, you're like me, struggling to just overcome the circumstances that we've made upon OUR-SELF.

♥may the force be with us


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