Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I am up for something new.

"There's a bigger sea for a girl like me,
 When I come back and try to show some love,"

 「 TRAVELOG - LIFE-LOG by Nadiah 」

  I have no idea how I came out with such name. It just happened. When I started writing the "History" page last night (which each and everyone of you readers should read - that somehow might be me and me),  I know that I can't just let this blog die as a piece of history that just once happened. May no one knows about them, but for sure I need a piece of myself to help carry things on. 

  Actually, I met a friend that made me realized that something great happened to me. But I was such a cry-baby that I let it all passed me by. I don't know if going through pictures is a bad thing, but to take a step back to know that there's amazing places I've got my self to, I was pretty much ungrateful.

  The cover photo of the blog was taken in Jerash, when I visited Jordan, last year. One amazing trip that I never thought I'd made.

A piece of Reality Check

  I lost the battle that was not even meant for me to be in the first place. As soon as I thought that I should fight for it... then came along news. The guy I really-really-really (fill in this blank), is getting married to some stranger.  No emotions left of me but a drop of tears. and that was it. ← isn't this information is just too personal? and out of context obviously... 

 No. I would not settle down for less.

Maybe it's not about what I want. But I know that what I need is much much more important. I'll get over things (and kill me heart softly and take up another billion decades to heal).

I'm Up For Something New

 Did I tell you that my dad is planning to send my brother to Bangladesh? and until Petronas is giving me an exact date for me to start my duty, I might be joining him for a while. I am, as well as many has aware is a full-time unmarried housewife with three kids to take care of.← haha. another this-sounds-so-wrong statement. It's an opportunity! maybe. I shall be like "Dora The Explorer"!

 Life back in KL after years of leaving...was, the hardest. Especially puasa sunat Syawal! Those 6 days were like 6 years!! Back in Japan, I could even finish up all the puasa ganti and sunat Syawal during Syawal! But back home, office mak buat makan² every other weekdays, and weekends are just near to impossible. Kalau tak raya, kahwin, kalau tak kahwin, raya, kalau none of the above, reunion la, nikah la, lapar sangat tak tahan nak berbuka lah..(eh? )

So what's new? Well, more to bringing back the dead and leftovers, eh?

- ARAB Tabi (which includes Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt)

- West Coast Tabi (Calfornia, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle including Arizona, though it's not on the west coast )

- Korea Tabi (spent a month of going back and forth to Korea for about 6 times in 3 months)

and Raya of course!!

Eid Mubarak everyone. ♥ 

  Though the real Eid is only the first day of Syawal, I'm gonna just ask for your forgiveness here, now, once and for all. If I may not be here tomorrow anymore, will you forgive me and pray for my well-being in the akhirah?

Jazakallah khairan katheera.  


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