Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tudung oh tudung..

(sementara menunggu upload 5 keping gambar, using the snail uploader for facebook.. ) I slept over at Daia's dorm in UIAM, Gombak,after we went for iftar with Alia n the rest, last night. The experience, (sleeping at local's dorm) was well.. something new to me. I never really went to any boarding school before. (INTEC, exception. I went back home everyweek; and brought back the laundry too with me! ) It doenst really feel so hommie; at the dorm . The furniture.. n everything else.. erm, steel bakari. I would have bring in a sofa or a couch if I'd ever stay there . (we had couches and sofa back in INTEC.. yay!) Plus, the feeling of sahur pun macam sad je..Makan sorang2.. telan sebijik2 the food, buat syarat sahur.. I want to sit with others, talking while eating..(walaupun semua mengantuk, t there'll be s2ome jokes and laugh and happiness.. ^-^) It makes me feel like going home there and then jugak. Haish. -not to worry daia, its not ur fault- x) So anyway, back to my main topic, hehe... I've decided to go to Masjid Jamek, and walk the bazaar thru to Jalan TAR. Yeah, I've spent all that I have. Someone's full month salary I guess. Countless pair of tudung and few Arabian jubahs, I'm officially ringgit broke.
What caught my attention was all the scarf booth that I went. Where most of the seller dont wear one(tudung), or wears one very badly. Its a shame. Some even wears short in this very-very mulia month of Ramadhan. astaghfirullah. How can you ask people to try on this and that, yang ini lawa la... famous la, ramai orang pakai la.. selesa la.. when you, yourself are not wearing one. what the heck la kan? Macam suruh orang lain beli kasut, tapi sendiri kaki ayam. Boleh la pulak buat demo, saying that it looks good on her, should looks good on me too.. well, you should wear one then. There was this one time, when I asked this lady for a bigger size, normal bidang 45, but I asked for 50/60.. She went, "Kenapa la suka sangat pakai besar-besar ni haa??" Eh, lady.. You nak pakai ke I nak pakai? You nak beli ke, I nak beli?. Why do YOU (or me) wear (or dont wear) tudung in the first place? Siapa boleh jawab? I can guess all the typical answer. I've had enough of it. Terpaksa dan memaksa..? Fashion..? Melambangkan ke'islam'an..? dan banyak lagi.. its TOO subjective right? I dont want to judge people. I know its not good. lagi2 bulan ramadhan. -istighfar- But, what I want to share here is, the ONLY reason why we should wear tudung is because ALLAH s.w.t said so. wether you like it or not. If you want to be beautiful, feel beautiful, isnt it great if we're beautiful in the sight of Allah? I'm sure, once that is taken into consideration(as in the main of all beauty), in the eyes of us, humans.. its rather priceless. If you said that your're not ready, still.. alhamdullillah. it seemd like you've considered yourself wearing one. Allah knows the best about your ready-ness, while I can only make Du'a for you. Seriously, I think that the power of Du'a is great. Alhamdulillah, I think that someone made a du'a for me. Semua orang sedang di-doakan dan kita juga patut berdoa untuk kebaikan orang lain. Rather than mencaci dan mengata. It would be a wonderful world filled with du'a. Allah knows all the 1001 reason why. why we should do this, and that. We as humans, we need the guide. Its as simple as a manufacturer that knows best about his product. You would'nt want your robot to be sticking its head into a pile of water would you? So, you'll set the do's and dont's on how the robot shoul lead its life. [I'm very sorry kalau post ini telah mengganggu ketenteraman awam, but its here for a reason. All the good and great things comes from The One and Only God, and the mistakes, the bad ones, come from me. Selamat berpuasa!]


Dafrosty said...

The Great Tudung Debate

while i disagree a lot with RPK's views when he talks about religion,i always try to practice an attitude of listening 1st b4 making judgments.every good argument is a good argument,and we can always agree dat it's a good argument without actually agreeing.

so yeah.check it out

amyheidi said...

Salam Nadia,

ada seller tudung ni, when i asked for bigger bidang, at first they said they do not have the bidang 60, and then, her coworker kata, they did have one, but they are using it as a tablecloth, so they can't sell it, :).

Xpelah, who knows one day tergerak hati diorang by Allah utk pakai tudung yg diorang jual tu.