Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Photo

Unlike last year's (pic above), this year, there's gonna be the real me in the family photo. No more photoshop-ing Nadiah inside the picture. No-no. Since everybody is at home, including my 2nd brother, Nadzmi that is studying all the way in Teknik Manjung, Perak, we've decided to take a Raya family photo at the studio.
These are the pictures, (using my camera of course) for The Making of the Raya Picture. Click on the pictures for 2 different sets of album.
Well, we had some difficulties taking those pictures. 2 little babies were crying for mummy, some fall off their seat, looking at each other (not at the camera!), playing with their songkok, and the list goes on. So, it was quite hard to pic the best 'perfect' picture as there were too many shots with too many "bloopers". So, secara tidak lansung, they've decided to make the 2nd piece of picture, candid.

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Najwa Diyana said...

wah.. meriah!! sy nyer family un xwat cmnie..

sorry aritue kt YM.. ter dc pastue xleh msk plak.. (=____='')