Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your Selling Point.

 How do you present yourself in a piece of paper? or in an email?
Mr. X,  1st year student of University Y, from KL for example. Who is active in various programs and activity.
But, how can you write that down? It wouldn't be so interesting.
Mine was bad.
" Nadiah binti Azli (20 years old from Kuala Lumpur. Currently 1st year in faculty of international economics in Aoyama University). She was an active member of Toastmasters International and had participated in a United Nations oriented discussion actively upon her entrance to university."
So, what is my selling point? In what way do I sound good? It seems like I'm nothing but my past.  Come to think about it, I've been so busy, day and night, but where actually am I going? What are my goals? What do I want to achieve
Study is a must. I just have to do it. But everyone else are studying too. What makes me different from them? There are thousands of overseas students here and there.  But I don't want to be someone in the thousand bunch. (Again, boring~) Getting a just a degree is not enough, and being just a mediocre wouldn't get me anywhere.
It is not a good thing when people don't remember your name (or even you as a person).
So, what is your selling point? What makes you different than others?  
-any ideas?


Simon Malik said...

kalu aku ditny soklan nih
aku akn jawab beza pd nama
jawapan bodo?
aku raser tidak, sbb stiap namer kiter msti ader maksud
adakah kiter 'memenuhi' kriteria sbg pemegang namer tersebut?
aku blom lagik

Niealex said...

nama yg pendek tapi penuh dgn tanggungjawab yer adam.. =)

nadiah means, pertolongan. help, or helper.
what do you think?

zaidon said...

Hai Nadiah..
Selling point seseorang tu terletak pada 'specialty skill' atau 'strength' yang ada pada dirinya- pada pandangan sayalah. Setiap kita mempunyai certain specialty yang memang dianugerahkan oleh ILAHI, that why kita ada dengar 'dia expert dlm bidang tu' 'Ohh dia expert dalam bidang ni..' saya rasa Nadiah pun tentu ada specialty skill tersendiri.. Bila saya baca apa yng Nadiah tulis seperti 'where am I going', what is my goal, what do I want to achieve.. saya rasa sedikit terkilan. Cubalah cari apa skill semulajadi yang ada pada Nadiah.. dan cuba gilapkan. ini pandangan saya, kalau salah saya minta maaf ya, ada kelapangan visit blog saya : )

Niealex said...

"'where am I going', what is my goal, what do I want to achieve.."

sebab ada terlalu banyak sangat sampai rasa mcm tak menang tangan. saya tak nak buat benda separuh jalan. kita nak buat sesuatu biar sepenuh hati.
tapi hati pun ada satu. tak cukup nak kongsi tuk semua.. T-T"

Misz Mizah said...

hey hey, good question there. I guess it is important to just keep on doing whatever you're doing right now. I think at our age we haven't achieve anything yet, over the years when we learn more and probably mature more then we will know. I think your selling point would be who you are, the real you, not the one on paper and certificates.What sounds boring to you might be interesting to others.So don't worry just yet, we still have a long way to go.Who knows maybe by then you'll have a great story to tell :D

Misz Mizah said...

And just wanna add.We live just once, so don't get too caught up with things that you hate. haha. Seriously, why do something for the sake of certs if you don't like it.I think your life is pretty interesting already my dear.

Niealex said...

Eheh mizah.. arigatos.. =)

but at the end of the day, we will eventually need to present ourself in a piece of paper.