Friday, June 27, 2008

Addicted to making Blogs.

Not post. Blogs.

For the past month, I made 2 new blogs. New accounts.
Hey, I love to try something new. So, why not?
Some may ask me, "Even with all the blog page that you already have, I don't think you can manage."

Whoever said that I'm bothered to manage? What I want to write, and where, just doesn't matter. Don't you think so?

I hate the part where I'm forced to write. Uuuuu... crap and more crap will come out if so.

Introducing a new page called kita-tachi, made with a bunch of crappy people that I'm living with. =P We are serious and steadfast when we are needed to.
But, other than that, we are proud to be our self. "just letting the hair down". Because each and everyone of us, possessed our own special characteristic and ability. Not trying too much to impress others.
So, most of the time, we'll just crap and have fun.

Amused by pots and pans in Yokohama.

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Najwa Diyana said...

comel kita-tachi..
mane mane..? nk tgk..