Friday, June 13, 2008

To where I belong.

I quit Hiyoshi United Nation Simulation 2 weeks ago.  
I can't handle all the stress understanding the flow, and how to do the discussion + presentation, nor understanding whatever that they are talking about.  The handouts, the debates, are all in japanese. (Iyak da!) I'll just go to the meeting, counting every minute for it to ends at 8pm. 
I missed 2 meetings since then. But eventually, after being brain washed by Naza, I decided to just give it a 2nd try. To my surprise, I was not 'myself' anymore. 
I'm representing Malaysia this time. As a member of ASEAN, and south east Asia countries, its time for me to fulfill my duty as an ambassador and not to embarrass my self and my country. 
We discussed on points how we can solve drug problems in the world. 
Cocaine, opium, and so on.. 
Should afghanistan stop their production of these drugs and change it into some veges, or, should we give out free needles to prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading? Should there be a law to make sure that drug dealers(or makers) are punished? Like in Malaysia, we have problems with our border; smuggling of drugs. But Im not sure if there's any production of drugs in Malaysia. (Who knows?)
Thus I went, on and on, voicing out my opinion and ideas. There weren't any worries at all about my grammar mistakes. x) 
When it finished, I was like, "Where did all those come from??" T-T
I paid the 5000yen membership fees. Now, I'm officially a member of Hiyoshi United Nation Simulation. I'm praying to Allah to make this easy for me to get thru. May my brain and heart works well to 'absorb' all this knowledge given by The One Who Knows It All. =)

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