Sunday, June 08, 2008

Because they see it as Islam.

Whatever thats comes out from your mouth, people take it as Islam. What ever mindset that you have, people see it as Islam. What ever that you do, you potray Islam. What if, you’re a muslim and you possessed nothing that resembles the REAL islam?

“She’s a muslim and she’s not covering her head. Then, why should I?”. That’s a very typical statement of a person who does not think like a muslim. Its obvious. But what about us? We are so proud of being a muslim, but do our words speak louder than our ‘behavior’?

~Late to class. ~Break our promise. ~Lazy to do this, lazy to do that.. めんどくさい.. ~Drag our work till the last minute. ~As far as you did the work. Its done. Forget the quality.

Especially when we live in a majority non-muslim country. We are the embassador of Islam. We bring Islam where-ever we go…and they see you walking into a Karaoke-club, game centre and so on. What is THAT?? Do you realize that you are carrying a very-big ‘invisible’ sign on your head saying that your a muslim?? They wont criticize us. But you, knowing all the good things in Islam, even mentioning it in your words, your action proves it all.

“Dont talk when you hear the Athan”, said a man in his speech. When the speech is done, the Athan for Asar prayer is on. The man didn’t stop his discussion. Nor any one that were talking to him. Is it okay? or is it not okay to talk? Till today, I’m still not clear about that. Why? Because If I only heard what he said, I guess I’m going to be very sure that we can’t talk when the athan is on. But no, he was talking.

# I had a presentation this morning. Every points and idea that I made, I’ll make sure that its for the sake of Islam. for the sake of Allah. “Why we must reduce our rice consumption? It is important to make sure that the poor ones have supply. We can afford to substitute. Or else, they’ll die without rice. Life (Islam) teaches us not to be selfish. Later on, this person asked me, “Why does MUSLIM people always like to think like that? and all the other complicated things? We just wanna have fun. Life is about having fun. Sometimes, somethings are not that so important.” –Why does it have to be MUSLIM? Its my opinion, excuse me.

Because they see it as Islam.

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