Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Sanae-chan!

She has been listening to my never-ending-life-stories and I can't thank enough for having her around when I need someone to just talk to.

It's her birthday today and we went for a girl's night out few days ago. She decided to go Brisbane, Australia instead of Oregon, USA. I wanted to pay her a visit if she's in the States, but I guess I have to go to Australia intead. hihi.

Kaisen-don is obviously very expensive, but the one that we got was on a good price. *^-^* I actually miss having sashimi and sushi. But this is the best that I can my hands on.

Miss Sanae. <3

our 390yen dinner! 

and we had the best pancake ever!

The mix of cream sauce and apple is just..


She gave me a Japanese cookbook since I've been wanting to cook various types of Japanese dishes lately.

I miss having dinner with Madamme Iman, since she's the only one who can actually have a REAL Japanese

with me.

  and so we went to the BookOff (a bookstore for used books).

 But there weren't any books that is as good as the one that she gave me. =(

and so I went back home to one of the best breakfast ever. hihi. I couldn't wait till the next morning for this.

on hot rice...raw egg... and...


So, Happy Birthday Sanae Chan!

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