Monday, June 20, 2011

The End of First Semester.

It feels just like yesterday that I came back to Japan after the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear radiation tagedy happened, and now I am getting ready to head back home once again. This will be my last summer holiday, and obviously I won't know what will be of me this time next year . I won't be a student anymore for sure to look forward to a new summer holiday.

So many things happened and I realized that I am a very minute hopeless human being that knows nothing about life and the world. Especially about things that I thought I'd never do. Words that I thought I'd never say and people that I never thought I'd never say hi to, let alone be soul-mates.

The term is just too short for me to feel anything.

Like a flying piece of paper,
without a hand to hold it tight,
without a pen to write it's story.

[Bleargh, what's with this emo-poetical piece nih^-^]

The end-semester exam will start soon, and I'm wayyy... lost. I bought my ticket already. How I wish I could stay longer since I have to start counting down till the day I'll leave this country. Leave my house, leave my friends, my teachers..

10th of July.
and I'll be in Melaka for Project Kalsom from 11th till 15th July.
But I'm still thinking of Melbourne, Australia after that but I could'nt  find a place to stay yet. and money.

[IF there's anyone out there who wants to come and visit Japan, or Tokyo, you are invited to come and stay at my place and I will only charge you only for the electricity and water during your visit]  

and there's Bangkok, from the 29th July... for a massage and spa trip!

pastu raya~ ehehe.. puasa dulu.

So, what happened recently?

Madamme Iman came back to Japan to clear out her stuff with her husband and we had a farewell dinner for her.

Picture album [here]

For a looong time I've finally step another foot in Yoyogi-Uehara Mosque which is actually very near to my house. >_<" Less than 10 mins by train.

A.Sunday.of.Love Album [Here]

Firdaus's birthday cake, taken with a new lens borrowed from Quddus-san!

Junior.Firdaus.2x2=8 Birthday Album [Here]

I'm just gonna select good pictures here (read - appropriate) and if you're interested to know the rest, you can click on the album for the rest of the pictures that I've uploaded on Facebook.

With that saying,
I'm gonna play around with this new lens for a while before returning it to Quddus-san. ^-^

An album I'll update frequently to share new pics []

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