Monday, April 18, 2011

Pekasam. ^-^

Assalamualaikum y'all!

Haha.. bunyi macam hip hop artis dah. =)

I had this post for more than a month now. Upload gambar siap-siap, pastu tinggal buat draft. Sampai bila la kan tak type anything. Biasalah, internet kat Malaysia yang hebat, aktiviti kekeluargaan yang ketat, duty-duty awam seperti menjadi pemandu tanpa gaji dan macam-macam lagi peer presure yang perlu dikendali, that's all the distraction that the world can provide you with.

(My sister, before I went to OBS)

Right after my arab trip, (which I have not post them pictures yet!) I had to go through OBS for a week, and once I got back, I saw a picture of my little sister in my camera and I was like, who could have done this to her!

She looks sad, and restless!

 Yes, chicken pox.
 This is actually my first time having to take care of  someone with chicken-pox. She got that 'thing' all over her body, even on her scalp! (like, eww.. haha..) When all my brothers had theirs, I was all the way here, in Japan. So, I really had no idea how to handle this. She can't go to school or nursery. Obviously, she had to stay at home, and I have to make sure she doesn't go and peel her skin off!

It's unusual to have sick kid in the house. It's like, someone ate all the fun out!

But after about a week or so, her face slowly gets better, but her hands and feet were full of SCARS! It was really hard to keep her hands from doing anything to the chicken-pox. She'll go and kopek everything!

( Cleaner face, but still moody and unfriendly)
I miss the active little girl jumping here and there!

This is when I left her back at home. Love to look at that smile!


plus one more. =)

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