Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nur Kasih 見たくてたまらんよ!

When I was browsing through my friend's blog, I saw this! and what a surprise. Nur Kasih The Movie?!

I think it's the first time ever, I feel like watching a Malay movie at the movie! (Hehe.. you just buy the CD most of the time right? ^-^)

..and they went to Petra! all the way in Jordan! I was there last month for god sake! and they made a movie there as well??

But uh.. I realized that there are more touching scene and stuff. Na-ah. Not good. I can't agree with that.

It should be one epic movie that delivers so much, as much as the drama did. I remember we had to wait every Tuesday for the drama to be put up online, and I'll go to Iman's so that we can watch them together!

ah.. those were the days.

It'll be officially available next month, which is IM-possible for me to wish for a movie time.

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