Monday, April 05, 2010


I can't imagine writing down everything that I had to go through during my house-moving process in this blog. It's going to be as troublesome as the experience itself. However, sharing this could be --well-- interesting. From my past houses, I only had to use my school as my guarantor for the rent. Just by paying 9,000yen for 2 years, everything will be alright. However, this time, it is said that I have to use this JID company as my guarantor and I have to pay them 30% of my rent, which is about 16,000yen. If that is what the owner of the house wants, then, there is nothing I can do but to pay extra for the company. Few days later, the company called me and the said that they want a Japanese person to be my guarantor even though their company is acting as a guarantor. Hah?? The phone-conversation was so confusing and I had to call my school, my housing agent, and the guarantor company back and forth all day long. -it-was-very-tiring-
Fine, if you need a Japanese, then I'll look for one. But, who?
The only person that crossed my mind was the Japanese lady at Petronas Office that take cares of our issues in Japan. I don't think that she will be a guarantor, but I just gave the JID company her name- and her number.
One thing you have to know about guarantor in Japan is that, the JAPANESE will not take such responsibility for others. No matter how nice and friendly they are to you, as soon as you mention the word, guarantor.. believe me, they can just pretend like they never knew you all their life. It's amazing.
As IF we're gonna run away not paying the rent. InsyaAllah our scholarship will be just fine. All we need is just a NAME. (Another friend of mine is having the same problem until now, and she cannot move-into the new house if she can't find a Japanese that can be her guarantor) I had no idea what did the Petronas lady told the agent, the next thing I knew, it was OK to use the school as a guarantor. (Did the owner not INSIST on using a COMPANY, and there is NO OTHER WAY, but the COMPANY?)
One thing selesai, Alhamdulillah. Miracles ARE there.
Next episode will be continued..

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