Thursday, April 08, 2010

Emotions in Tanah Besar.

Students on the way to school.
A university in the City.
Bicycles in the centre of Beijing.
Snow covered the whole city.. It was VERY cold!
How do you read this in Chinese? I know what does it means though~ ^-^"
Chinese art at the mall.
Milk in packs?? Interesting.
MasyaAllah, the train was so small(compared to Japanese' train) that everyone was PACKED inside! I had to be pulled out when we reached the station!
The weather was not good at that time, but I had a GREAT trip! ;)
People in China SHOULD drink a LOT of WATER!! Or you'll be sick before you know it!

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東京美女 said...

baru balik dr shanghai-xian-beijing...
good weather tp sejuk bangat...