Monday, March 30, 2009


Apakah maksud sayang? I know you can't generalize things. But are things meant to be the way it should be? Kenapa kita sayang keluarga kita? Kenapa kita sayang teman-teman kita? Ketetapan ilahi kah itu? From my point of view, it is - sacrifice. Sayang is - care. Sayang is - concern. dan lebih banyak lagi. Bayangkan ya, I see you walking, wondering, and climbing right into a tempayan full of nails. I know that. But you? I think you do too. But its too tempting that you cannot stop doing what you WANT to do. So I stopped you. Or else, you'll bleed yourself to death. Crying for your life. (Tak de sampai mati kut..)-kut. But why should I? I could just do nothing and make fun of you. How stupid can you be la kan? Isn't it the same? If I'm asking you to stop smoking. If I'm asking you to stop drinking. If I'm asking you to stop killing yourself. If I'm telling you start doing some deeds. If I'm telling you to be a better-man. I think you know better where does it leads to. Kerana terlalu sayangkan kamu, tolonglah berhenti. Please, stop making fool out of your life. Don't waste it. Kerana terlalu sayangkan kamu, tolonglah dengar. Please, I am not any better than you. I really am not. Its just that I care. I want you to care too. At least, do it for you. #Ahhh.. kenapa aku sayangkan kamu2 in the first place. Kenapakah aku terlalu memikirkan tentang kamu. We're not even related.

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