Monday, March 30, 2009


Tracking back to day-1 when we reached Jakarta. -We lost our SLR camera even BEFORE we get to the immigration counter. We were the last passenger to board off. Its too obvious that its the inside job, where everyone pretends that they didn't see anything. We asked for the CCTV recording but there were too many excuses made. We can't even make a police report. (As if nothing happened) = we hate the Jakarta Airport. -Uncle Saiful brought us to his apartment (Rasuna something..), and we stayed there for a night before leaving for Bandung. = Jakarta has so many buildings and malls. -We took Parahyangan train from Jakarta to Bandung for about 40,000Rp(executive) per person. It took 3 hours to get to Bandung. Saw some familiar trains that are brought from Japan. = The view was amazing!! Paddy fields here and there. Kaki-kaki bukit seperti dihiasi taman padi. -Even before the train stops at the station, other passengers sudah kelam kabut took their bags off from the baggage rack on top. = No wonder. Workers came in (menyerbu macam polis) and carried our bags out from the train. Then, have to pay them no matter what. We paid 20,000Rp. 6ringgit tu! -First stop, (like always) Blossom Outlet at Pascal Hyper. Last time, we went there 3 times. This time, pun sama. =Blossom made us feel like home. Not many customers at noon, nice friendly helpers around, and choices are.....too good to be true. -The only thing we knew about our hotel, New Sanny Rosa was, it is near to Rumah Mode. So, we went to Rumah Mode by angkot. =Angkot is a small van that carries people around Bandung. Just hop-on, (make sure you get to know the colours of the angkot, or just ask around since the people there are friendly- you have to speak bahasa Nusantara for that.. hehe) and pay 2,000Rp when you reach your destination. Most of the time we paid 5,000Rp for two (Say kiri~! first if you want to stop yah). There'll be beggars coming at the open door, maybe kids singing, or in our case, a boy singing with his guitar. Some said, 500Rp would be OK, but it doesnt hurt to give more. -We were quite surprised to know that our hotel looks very new and... ehm, expensive(for us). =Since they dont have any website, we just called them (using Skype) and booked for a room. We didnt care much (we thought that it was cheap. yah, years ago before its renovation!) since Hotel Cemerlang that we used to stay last time was fully booked. (I will STILL recommend Cemerlang in anyway) -We went to Restaurant Dapur Sangkuriang for dinner, and the food was GREAT! Cheap -affordable Sunda + padang food, with a great relaxing environment. Ah.. recommended to anyone visiting Bandung. =We saw no one, but Malaysian customers all night long. The rest of the album can be seen here @my facebook.

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daniel giovanni said...

i feel sorry about the incident you've experienced in CGK airport,
but i have to admit it that it's not safe to put valuable stuffs in the baggage when you arrived in Jakarta

anyway, it looks like you guys had some good time in bandung :)
i'm sorry i couldn't be your tour guide for a day in jakarta since i've got a bunch of assignment on that day.. :(