Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Now in Ireland.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home~"

Im in Galway, Ireland right now, arrived in Dublin from East Midland Airport last night.
Its very cold up here, compared to UK and Japan. Im staying in Kak Najaa's room, (she's a 5th year medical student), using her computer since she's off to class. =D
I just love their house. Big, cosy and they have 3 shower rooms! (haha.. gila jakun kayh..)
Terlalu penat dah nak becerita panjang. Akan pergi jalan2 ke area2 sini, afterwards.

Tak sempat nak lawat banyak sangat tempat kat UK. Dah lalu Cadbury Factory,. tapi tak singgah..
terlalu banyak sangat tempat tak dapat nak pergi. Even Manchester, Leed, etc..

But to know that the reason I came here to gain more knowledge on Islam, da'wah, to make new connections with the sisters here, experience new things, I guess this is more than enough. 2 days program in Coventry, few extra session with Ustaz Salam, are way priceless than going to all the other places. [That is what I came here for]

I've posted some of the pictures I took, on Facebook. Here's the link.
Im gonna leave now, I shall post more soon.
Till then.

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