Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 minggu penantian.

I'll be living without internet for the next 2 weeks. What a disaster! :shakefist: Dah tak tahu nak marah macam mana lagi dah. I've already set to have the internet line setup at my new house today, 5pm. I did that more than a month ago. Sebab saya tahu, susah nak set tarikh setup internet ni. Waktu orang sibuk pindah, jadual diorang pack sangat. Kalau tak set awal2, nanti dapat internet lambat. Itu semua orang tahu. Saya tak boleh hidup di rumah itu seorang diri tanpa internet. :cry: Husna decided not to move out yesterday. "She didnt feel like doing so. Malas katanya" It means that we have to move out on the same day, because we're using the same hikkoshi (moving out) service. and it also means that I need to change all the schedule for the GAS, INTERNET, and so on. But why me? I asked for a later time, somewhere after 6pm? Nope, there's no setup service after that hour. Then, when will I get my internet?? 2 more weeks. My GAS? Thank godness, tomorrow morning. Air sejuk bekulah sampai esok pagi. - Im very thankful to have such great juniors. They helped me to clean up my house. Vaccumed the floor, cleaned the air-cond, packed my junks, separated my rubbish.. Oh~ Im so touched. They even cooked spaghetti. :cute: # Hidup mem'blog' akan diteruskan selepas 2 minggu.Saya cuma takut things will be so YESTERDAY by then. Oh yah, I'll be doing some series on my journey to europe! :dance: Watch out for it! (after the "2weeks") ~salam.


Anonymous said...

suda tamat penantian dua minggu mu.. hehehe XD

Niealex said...

aha! i know who's this!