Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Then It Was My Birthday.

Right about 00hours, 2nd October 2007. I got a wish from Husna. and after that, few more birthday wishes from Mizah, Fanna, E.d, May, Asyraf and the list goes on.. Suddenly, Husna came dashing to my room and gave me 2 pots of flowers. -_-" (It was one of the least expected things to receive) as I love to look at flowers but I never buy one. Or ever. Oh yah, I haven't tell ya that my juniors have arrived yesterday and we brought them to eat sushi for Iftar. =) I guess they dont eat sushi that much. But we spent great time at the sushi-ya, making fun of each other (I can say that they made fun of me most of the time. daym). So there was, erm.. Sari, Khairy, Russell, Firdaus, and Qhudus. (Gosh, Im not even sure if I got their names right) As for today, if Im not mistaken, Husna, Rikku, Awadh, and Tan.. they had the night set for the celebration at a Thai restaurant for buffet dinner. The seniors came, the juniors too.. Well, 15 of us. Except that Kak Ina couldn't made it and May ( a very2 good friend of mine from Myanmar) joined us for the party. Compared to last year, there was so many of us. Seriously, too much to eat and to laugh about. and things were just, pure HAPPY. =D Thanks for the cake too, which we had to go all the way to Harajuku-park to eat 'em. Oh yah. Naza.. a very i-dont-know-what-to-call-him, gave me a gardening tool. One single gardening tool. Can be used to cook fried rice if I lost my senduk. My goodness, what was in his head lahhh!! May-san gaved me a frame. A very nice + simple frame that will make my room more lively and HAPPIER!

I had a LOT of fun. The best that it can ever be. The smiles that I want to save and potray. I'll post up the other pictures later. Its 2a.m in the morning. I cant describe how lucky I am and I should be very thankful to have these people in my life. Alhamdulillah.. They taught me to hate. To forgive. and to love. For my new juniors, Im looking forward to be having you guys as my friends, my mentors, and wtv that you guys can be. People that will make my day. Brighter. and to the Seniors that always had our back. Give us aspiration. +laughter +laughter. last but not least, my mates. Husna, Asyraf, Awadh, Tan + May.


With all the love.

Sayonara, Assalamualaikum.

Pictures from the 'celebration'.HERE

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Anonymous said...

otanjobi! omedetou deshita! gomen ga tsukanakatta...Cozy Corner no keiki...natsukashiiii...
oishikute, yoku katta..kat mesia nie tak der keiki-ya yg cam cozy corner..kalau ada pon chooo takai!!! kalau teringin makan cheese cake pon, Jusco de kau kedo amari oishikunai...iro2 na purezento mo moratte, yokatta ne...kore kara mo genki de ikiteiru yo ni...

sensei yori