Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Rayaku

Me, Iman, Kak Ina & Kak Nor.

Well, the few pictures that I managed to have on the Eid day. We went to pray at the Malaysian Embassy. Ate the Malaysian food. Great chocolate chip cookies.

But unfortunately. Kegembiraan tidak lama. Last night, almost everyone got sick. It was said to be the chicken at the embassy. I was a permanent guest of the toilet. Gila kayh, tak terkira berapa kali dah. Malu la, pasal we brought our friends all over the world to experience Malaysian raya and Malaysian food. sabu je la.. It was funny that such a thing can happen. Well, something to talk about, right? Asal takda sapa2 mati, ok kut. xP

As for today, we went to Yokohama for En. Hisham's open house. Other Petronas senior was there too. but not all.

On the way back. I got my self a Canon camera. Pelik kan? Suddenly saja. It was on a special sale day. And special points day. to celebrate the winning of Giants in a baseball competition. Bagus2. saya pun gumbira. haha.. =D
I miss the family moment, where we ask for forgiveness from our parents, siblings, other family members, etc. I miss the crazyness of my sibs, when we will go out after the Eid prayers for the old Chinese photo studio. Family photo every year. If this year in Johor, the next will be in Kedah and it repeats.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Mulia! (=


qeela said...

selamat ari raya niea :)
maaf zahir n batin.batin ade ek?ngeee :D

Anonymous said...

ニアーさん へ。
二アーさんの手紙を読んで、ちょーうれしい!! ちゃんと手書きで漢字をきれいに書いたよかったね!でも、一つだけ納得できないことがある ;(
何で封筒で Puan と書いたの? ちょー失礼!!

先生 より