Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malam Rayaku =)

"bEsok raya! bEsok raya!"
kemana bisa pergi suara anak2 kecil itu?

Im starting to miss home as everybody starts to leave. Im still waiting for a call.
Malam raya call from a family member or something. I called home, all the handphone number that I can get, none of them got thru.

Well, I had a great time tonight. The juniors, May, Husna, Tan and Rikku. We cooked 2gether. Eat 2gether. Dishes well made. But I was too 'blur' I guess. I went and change the fridge's temp to warm n the caramel pudding that we made didnt managed to.. paham2 lah. Tapi makan jugak sampai habis. Baik sungguh adik2 ku ini. x_x#

Rikku buat rendang ayam yg rasa mcm kari. Tapi sedap. Yeah it was delicious! Husna made ayam masak merah yg bewarna orange. Hihi. I made lauk sayur lemak yg dibantu oleh Khairy and Siri. ARIGATOU ne. Menolong orang yang heta memasak ini. May was very2 helpful! HONTOUNI!

Alhamdulillah. to the ONE and ONLY god, Im saying my prayers, to tell you how thankful I am for this life that you blessed me with. I had the best Ramadhan that i'd ever find, and to wonder if Im ever gonna meet Ramadhan again like an old best friend. As tomorrow will be the first day of Syawal, a day to celebrate, 'akumademo' i will still be as thankful as I can be. Insya'allah.

This year, I met a lot of wonderful people. People that change others. Great muslim Japanese, like Huda, Fatimah, Mariam, and a lot of Indonesian.( well, I did practice my Indonesian language a lot!) To love a friend, only because of Allah. and to be loved, only because of Allah.
Masya'allah. What a blessing this is to be a muslim. =)

Nasuha n Hani over Skype. (Kulim, Kedah)

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mardhiah said...

kulim! the missed.

selamat hari raya niea! (hey there's still 20 days before syawal went off. tak lmbt kan wish?) maaf zahir batin. akhir kate headphone audio technica as duit raye pun ok!