Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Flipping Back To Move On.

When u wanna start to do your homework, or revise for any exams.. u always flipped back all your old notes, test papers and such in order to excell in the coming one rite? Thats what Im doing now. Its the year 2007. But, Im flipping back my life history to move forward. In things such as music, books, friends and even food. With a little bit of change and twist, to add up some new feeling and new life in it. Im going back to trance music.
  • Boten Anna by Basshunter. A Sweedish trance music recomended by Nishreen. Thanks babe!
  • J'ai Pas Vingt Ans by Alizee (Benny Remix). French sang trance. a mesmerizing nice music. Thanx to the french PET. =P

I've downloaded the mp3 version of all the 6 books of Harry Potter. It was too heavy for me to bring it here. And its way too expensive to get one. I decidede to have em dloaded in audio. I wonder. Will affects me in terms of feeling the book? learning more new english words? It does make a lot of difference right? All of the audio... hmm.. abt 3gig. LoL.. I'll be crashing my laptop sooner or later..

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